Hi, my name is Jose Torres

I am a artist based in central Texas capturing many genres of photography, landscapes, models, and commercial work, etc.

I have been doing art drawing/painting ever since I picked up a pencil and began mimicking my sister’s illustrations. it wasn’t until the third grade that I got serious about drawing. Especially drawing cars! I kept taking art classes all the way up to “ Art 4 drawing” of my senior year and attending art competitions at “Vase” ( Visual Art Scholastic) Also during this time I finally joined the photography club with my very first digital camera. This was a huge turning point in my high school career and what sparked so much interest in pursuing my passion for photography.

I have learned everything I know with first hand experiences. Following some photography creators like Joshua Cripps, Jason Lanier, and Miguel Quiles. It was until I finally met my idol Jason Lanier at a workshop in Dallas, TX that I took my photography to the next level. Taking more chances and risk with my vision of photography. Keeping a mentality of, “You gotta risk it, to take the biscuit” and never settling for less.

I like to distinguish myself through my views of art. Not to mention that I am very flexible and always open to new ideas, with the end goal of reaching that timeless photograph.

Give me the green light!